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Everything you need in one place.

We offer an extensive line of reliable, state-of-the-art audio and video components and related equipment. From simple notebook computers and LCD screens to advanced vision systems and sophisticated stage lighting, selectAV provides the right equipment to meet any need, in any setting.

Robe 600 LED moving lights are the business. Powerful and versatile. Zoom function with great colour control.

Intelligent lights from Martin are our preferred fixture. Profiles, wash, gobo’s. Fun.

All our lights are controlled digitally by Grand MA PC Command wing. A lovely bit of kit.

Custom Lighting. Need something designed and made? We do it in-house.

Switching vision is complicated with the varying formats going round. Roland’s V800 mixing console switches from Camera, to PC to Video to a professional standard and output in HD.

At a whopping 17,000 lumens our projectors make a black wall come alive. The applications are endless.

How do you know if you have chosen the right screen to give your colourful presentation the best chance. Hire the screens that have the best blacks. Samsung LCD’s. We know it.

Pretty black boxes. Our dedication to getting you the best signal path. We understand your presentations can cost thousands even millions of dollars. Black Magic boxes ensure that the interface doesn’t denigrate the quality of picture. High Definition is a standard service at selectAV

State of the art mini line array systems. Great sound. Minimal look.

Blending in with any Décor. White or Black gallery speakers coupled with selectAV’s Perspex lecterns. Does your event deserve anything less than this look?

Digital Audio consoles can be positioned anywhere. They are remotely controlled using an IPad.

DJ equipment available including vinyl turntables.

Brushed aluminium stage flats with hard facia and decals. Stages in all shapes and sizes to give your event the best platform to present from.